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People go hog wild over links. I don't understand it to tell you the truth. However, I do understand the concept and the quality of the link and that there are great relationships on google plusauthorities on the subject of SEO. Don't get me wrong, I don't discount it, I just don't do it.

Is that bad?

Ah, I really don't care. I've set up a successful blog over at that pays pretty well and I didn't use a single bit of SEO to get me there. Now to refrain from getting into some long conversation about how I didn't do it, I will say that I understand that social media links do give off SEO value, and when you're thinking of it that way, then I guess I have used SEO. But not in the sense to where you would see me in a dark basement sweating over the glow of the computer screen as I frantically tried to build links to my articles.

Nope. Not even a little bit.

I trust you. I have built my residual income on none other than you and people like you. That's why I feel that relationships are the most important part of any online venture. Google isn't going to click on that affiliate link and buy your product. It's the people that make you successful and if you're making yourself distant to them, then you're a far cry from understanding the true value of an online career.

Google Plus is no different. This place alone can make you successful and I want to show you some tips on how you can build your blog or social account by depending on the people alone.

Google Plus Etiquette

There is a way that you should act when you're on Google Plus. This is no different than the way you should act out in public for real. You wouldn't go into a restaurant, stand on the table, and scream to people to buy your product and affiliate link or free offer when you first get in there.

There's a time and a place for everything. This is not to say that you should never do it, but you have to understand the right time to do it to become successful on this platform.

Etiquette simply means to have manners. You weren't born in a barn, so quit acting like you were. You understand the power of the Google Plus link, but you also need to understand the value of the people that are looking at your updates on a daily basis. This is the most important thing I can ever tell you. People will make you or break you, and it's up to you to give them the right impression about you and your business. Start it off wrong and you've spoiled the whole thing right out of the gate. So pay attention.

Please and Thank You

When you first start sharing on G+, I hope you're not thinking of spraying your blog articles all over your stream. If you are, then don't. Take a step back and analyze the situation. Look at influential people and see what they're posting. I guarantee you that they're sharing more content from others than their own and this is the stand you need to take as well.

When you're sharing, don't forget to "Hat Tip" the person you got it from. This is basically a commendation to the person that made it available to you and your followers. Understanding when to say thank you is a big reason for becoming successful on Google Plus. This can help your followers by sharing their profile in a + mention to them. Not only are you helping them out with great content, but you are also helping out the person that shared it by introducing them to your followers.

This also goes both ways. When someone shares something that you have shared, you should also say thank you to that person in their update. They have just done the same thing for you and it's important to acknowledge their efforts on your behalf. This goes also for people that reshare articles that aren't yours. I know it may not seem that important, but your name is still getting to more people and this is another opportunity for you to get more followers.

Etiquette is more than just please and thank you though. It's a strategy that you have to keep in mind always. It's more than just remembering to comment and interact properly on updates. That's a whole different strategy altogether. It's a state of mind that needs to stay positive towards other people. Even when they're not as up to date on the whole etiquette idea as you are.

How to build potential relationships on G+

People want to surround themselves with friends. They want to be known and heard. They like the idea of others promoting them and saying their name. I'm not trying to sound cynical, that's just the way it is. Think about it. When someone of influence promotes a post that you wrote and they sing your praises, it feels really good. I'm just as bad as you are. I like it too. But what's the whole point and target idea of influencing relationships on Google Plus?

Not only should you try to cultivate friendships with people that are of influence, you should also look behind you at the people coming after you and build relationships with them as well. Some people only stop at trying to build influential friends and forget about those other people that may not be as popular as they are, because after all, how can they help you now anyway?

It's a solid point. However, Mark Traphagen said it best when he said that those people behind you may end up passing you in the future! So it's a good idea to extend your hand to those that want it and to those that may not know you need it.

How you conduct yourself on any social platform is going to follow you. That will be your reputation and the way people will see you. Are you helpful? Do you interact with people less popular than you? People can tell when others are treating social marketing like a popularity contest. Influence hoarders can be spotted from a mile away. These are the people that only travel and promote in clicks and they tend to not give a crap about anyone else that's outside of their influencer circle.

Just be friendly for crying out loud! Forget about how popular you are or how unpopular you think you are. Google Plus has proven to be a platform that encourages interaction and friendliness and if you can't make a friend there, then somethings wrong.

Remember, people are watching you. They're watching how you conduct yourself and how you react to certain things. They see you when you get mad and blow your top, and they also see when you make a fool of yourself. Try to keep it under control and be the person you know you really are. This is a great platform to just be yourself, and that's the best way to build relationships.

3 components to relationship building

Some people make friends easily. To some, all they do is sit behind a computer all day and they have no idea how to act socially. There are three common components of relationship building that you need to remember to make a difference with your future friends.


This is the essence of any relationship that you make. Whether online or outside the domain names and social platforms. Trust is the currency of relationships. Take that away and you will find yourself alone and wondering what happened.

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This is what you have to remember when you're taking that first step with new people. Their wall is up to you at the start. Getting them to break that wall down is a sign of trust and you shouldn't take that lightly. Any little thing can cause them to lose that valued trust in you and it's up to you to keep it down.

When people trust you they take your word as gold. When people trust you, they rely on your opinion and expertise. They depend on you for what you say and do. Making sure everything that you DO say and do is the truth. Because trust comes from truth. You will never get someone to trust you by lying to them. Sure, maybe at first, but soon the facade will fade away and they will see right through you. Trust comes hand in hand with truth and you always need to be honest with everyone.

#2-positive flow and energy

Another great aspect of relationship marketing is to be positive and enthusiastic with people! People love someone who has a positive aura about them. It attracts people to you. Negativity drives people away and you can tell the people that have built their business on a positive energy flow because everywhere they go people tend to flock to them.

Ryan Hanley says it best in this update when he says You are stifling your own growth as a person and as a business by holding it (talking about positivism) in.

Positive people go far. I used to think that this stuff was nothing but bunk. A sales pitch for people that weren't doing that well either in life or online. However, I gave it a go, and what do you know? It worked! People love positivism and you should create that for them!


Building a friend starts with the mere interaction on an update, in a community, etc. This was actually a discussion in my Relationship Marketing Community on Google Plus that talked about how people seemed to get their feelings hurt when they approached someone that seemingly didn't want to talk to them privately.

I'll get to the encouragement topic in a minute, I just want to address this for the moment. I realize that we all want to make friends with people like Guy Kawasaki. Those people that make a killing on social media and other online ventures. It would be nice to have them rooting for us and promoting our posts, wouldn't it? However, you can go to people like this in a private message and start asking for help. I know that the general rule of Google Plus is to be helpful, and I've stated it in the Golden Rule of Google Plus, but don't go whining to people when you approached someone out of the blue and asked for help in a private message.

Granted, these happen all the time. Lord knows I get enough of them, but you have to understand that before the encouragement part of the friendship comes you have to cultivate that stranger. Remember trust? People still have a wall built in front of you and that's not coming down until they get to know you a little better. Trust is first, then everything else can unfold.

Encouragement begins when you really start to get to know the person. This is when you are constantly promoting their articles on Google Plus. They become a part of your social media strategy to help your followers, an in-depth look at what they can help those people that follow you.

The Final Outcome

After all is said and done, usually what appears out of this well-cultivated relationship is opportunities. Opportunities to appear on Hangouts, write guest posts, get +mentioned in someone's update, etc. The opportunities are endless if you market these relationships in the right way.

Nothing worth doing happens overnight, and creating a great relationship takes a while to do. The best idea that I can give you is this:

  • Always be yourself
  • Always be helpful
  • Always be friendly
  • Promote others 90% of the time
  • Interact and communicate
  • Be truthful-about everything

The list really could go on and on if you wanted it to.  There are lots of other ideas that you can do to cultivate a great relationship on Google Plus, these are just some guidelines to get you started.  So, the best thing you can do is just be yourself.  The people that are supposed to be drawn to you, will be drawn to you.  The people that aren't wont.  You're going to be surprised to find that the people you thought you should be in a relationship with will turn out to be empty shells of people you once thought of as heroes, and the people you would have never thought you would be friends with, will turn out to be some of the best for your business!

I'm a Star Wars fanatic, ex-coal miner, and I fell in love with blogging 4 years ago! It's all about the relationships, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Sure, you need to know the other stuff too, but the most powerful thing is to always be yourself, be helpful, be a servant, and that "other" stuff will fall into place.
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