Citizen Google Plus

Citizen Google Plus is arrogant, thoughtless, morally bankrupt, desperate for attention, and incapable of giving love. These are all aspects of the user of Google+ that has citizen google plusno regard for the people around them and only thought for themselves.

But they can't be blamed.

They were influenced by the people around them to re-live the horrors of their marketing career and see the twisted state of mind through the eyes of someone who doesn't really care about them at all, but simply sends them away. But no matter how much you berate them, every citizen has a Rosebud, something other people want to find out about, to claim for their own curiosity.

Who is Citizen Google+?

Usually it's the people that only think of their own selves. They parade around the network like they are God's gift to humanity, without heed to another person. They don't try to help, or extend a hand of friendship on this platform, because in their mind people are used as stepping stones to get them what they want in life. They have no regard for the personal side of Google Plus and it shows through their actions towards people in their marketing strategies.

The bad part about it is, after they're gone, people will create monuments to them. Praising them for their success and shouting their name across the land to other people that are just getting involved with the network. This is a bad thing because it's giving the people that come up behind them the wrong impression of what Google Plus really is and what it stands for.

Finding Rosebud

You have a responsibility on Google Plus to every one of your followers. Those people that come up behind you see you as an authority and an influencer. No matter how many followers you have, everyone is an influence to someone. When we portray bad habits publicly to those that look up to us, we are showing people that it's ok to perform such actions towards people. Yes, I said the people. Everything you do has an effect on someone.

Rosebud is important.

What's truly important to you on Google Plus? Is it the marketing strategy you use to drive people like cattle to your site to make money? Sure, everyone still wants to be successful, but there's a deeper-seeded thought behind just driving traffic from Google Plus. When you look at G+ as a platform where you can simply drive traffic or use it to build your follower count up so you have more chances to drive traffic, then you are slowly on your way to becoming Citizen Google Plus. That person that may become successful by cheating for a while, but what you're left with is emptiness and loss.

Citizen Google+ is popular and successful. Playing the role of the Citizen will get you where you want to go fast, but after a while, you're authority won't stick and your followers will figure it out that you're merely using them. You will lose it all eventually.

In order to stay away from this travesty find what matters to you on this platform. Don't do the "norm". Everyone else is doing that, so you need to be different. Help people, make friends, and project your success onto another person coming up behind you! Right now is the time when you need to decide whether you're going to go personal or digital with your strategy.

What Constitutes Someone As A Citizen Google+?

There has been a lot of talk the past few days of circle sharing. While the newbies may not understand why this is wrong, clearly, the seasoned user can understand why to stay away from the massive circle shares. Citizen Google+ will rear his ugly head when you get wind of this idea because it seems to be an easy way to build your following and authority. Here's why you should keep him in check:

These people are called Circle Jerks & you need to stay away from them!

Here are some circle shares to stay away from:
[EDIT]I had an embedded post of the circle share here but didn't want to tempt you[/EDIT]

  • ...anything that looks like these

Also, a Citizen G+ will berate you and make you feel inferior. This is done to create a sense of urgency or need in your marketing strategy in order to sell you something or to get you to go somewhere. Here is a class act Citizen Google Plus in action telling you how bad you really are:

*Note: this is not meant for the sharer, simply the title*
Notice the title. You must really suck at Google Plus. Hmm, classic act of belittlement and making someone feel less than adequate.

I'm usually not in the frame of mind to call someone out and tell them They're actually doing it wrong!  But you can't blame them.  No, they're sense of marketing on G+ is twisted.  While these people are successful now, time will show that they will eventually be blown away by the winds of change here.  The important thing that you should remember is that you shouldn't let people like this affect you.  Don't give in to their blatant lies and whatever it is they're trying to sell you.  I have honestly never seen a person that's looking out for himself help someone else...ever.

Your Job

Always be watching.  You can tell the real from the fakes.  The people that lend a hand and converse in educational dialogue are the one's you want to add to your circles.  Oh, and when you get about 30-50 great people that you feel are helpful, then it's ok to share those people to your followers!  If it can add to, or help someone get better on G+, then it's ok.  The above are just created to get these people more followers.  If you read Keith's post, you will see that most of these circle shares don't even pan out as people that you can relate to...just empty heads.

Citizen Google Plus is out there.  He's waiting on you to oblige him.  There's also one inside of you as well, and it's up to you to keep him caged.  Don't end up losing everything and eventually being alone, because that's what will happen when you go down that road.

I'm a Star Wars fanatic, ex-coal miner, and I fell in love with blogging 4 years ago! It's all about the relationships, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Sure, you need to know the other stuff too, but the most powerful thing is to always be yourself, be helpful, be a servant, and that "other" stuff will fall into place.
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